Bike Friendly Hotels

Discovering the most ideal place where to spend the night has never been easier.

It’s possible to choose from several kinds of accommodations that offer ad hoc services to the lovers of the two wheels.

Bike Friendly Accommodation: stay in a place that offers top customized services, well suited for people who are especially hard to please and who want a unique personalized experience once they’ve gotten off their bike. The special mountain bike hotels stand out for the following qualities:

  1. Local locked bike-wash and deposit facilities
  2. Various information and maps of MTB itineraries
  3. Mountain bike rental and technical assistance with tools and workbench and/or mounting support
  4. Tours accompanied by a specialised guide
  5. Meal times based upon the needs of the cyclist (upon request)
  6. Plentiful and well-balanced breakfast
  7. Packed lunch upon request
  8. Laundry with drying facilities
  9. Shower before departure
  10. Additional optional services are available upon request directly to Bike Friendly