Come muoversi a Lugano

Public transportation has repeatedly proven to be an important strategic way to contain traffic. However, few cities have managed to deal with this problem efficiently.

Nowadays public transportation is not very appealing, as it is expensive and offers less flexibility than a private vehicle. Nevertheless, in order to find a solution to the existing environmental and functional problems caused by traffic, the only alternative to cars is public transportation. These means in turn should become faster and more functional, a target which entails major structural investments and more dinamic management systems. The city of Lugano has already been heading this way, both by implementing its new transportation plan (Piano dei trasporti del Luganese, PTL) and by restructuring the transportation company (TPL).
With the purpose of further coordinating the services offered by the two regional transportation lines (ARL and Autopostale Ticino e Moesano), some targeted changes are necessary, like the creation of intersections between private and public means of transportation.

Any changes will necessarily be pro environment (reduction of air and noise pollution). The city will then be again more peaceful, and pedestrians and bikers will have sufficient space and be able to move rapidly and safely.


A well-knit and structured public transportation network guarantees perfect connections to Lugano’s urban centre.

Lugano Public Transportation (TPL) SA
Information on lines, timetable, tickets and season tickets.

Lugano Regional Bus Service (ARL)
Information on lines, timetable, tickets and season tickets.

Postal Buses
Information on lines, timetable, tickets and season tickets.

The Lugano Railway Station offers connections with the main localities of the Region.

The Lugano-Ponte Tresa Railway (FLP)

Information on lines, timetable, tickets and season tickets.

Società navigazione del Lago di Lugano
Information on schedules and lines


PubliBike, bike sharing, Lugano

PubliBike rents bikes from self-service stations open 24/7. With this service, you can rent a bike in one station and give back it back in another, when you have reached your destination.


Tourist train

A tour of the City aboard the train "La freccia rossa" (the red arrow) which allows you to discover the beauty of the City and its neighbourhood, the San Salvatore and Monte Brè funiculars, the Casino and the Lungolago.