How to reach Lugano

Lugano is extremely easy to reach with several means of public transportation (the railroad, the regional Lugano-Airport) and also by means of private transport (the A2 motorway). In the near future, it’s going to be one of the stations served by Alp Transit. Lugano is situated in Ticino, an alpine Canton which is completely included within the perimeter of the territory of application of the Convention of the Alps; Lugano is, furthermore, in a strategic, geographic position which makes a wide range of very important alpine passes along the South –North axis easily accessible; these include: the Novena, the S. Gottardo, the Lucomagno, the S. Bernardino, the Spluga and the Maloia passes.

Moreover, Ticino has another very important prerogative and that is that of bordering on Lombardy, which is one of the Italian regions among the most important in Europe from an industrial standpoint and which counts nine million inhabitants. Another advantage is that of being connected on line with Milan, a financial metropolis and a cultural capital that may be conveniently reached in 45 minutes by motorway or in one hour by train.