5 reasons autumn is the best time to visit Lugano.

It's never a bad time for an holiday in Lugano, but autumn is when the country really comes into its own. Read on for the top reasons you should book a trip here now.

1. The Colours

Whether it's the autumn sunshine illuminating reddish city buildings, the changing hues of leaves in the countryside, or glistening reflections in the Lake Lugano, autumn is surely the most beautiful time to spend in Lugano Region.

2. Streets to yourself

With autumn finally here you can breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy having the streets to yourself. Lugano is popular choice for summer holidays, so between May and September the city swell with tourists. This means it would be easier to to find hotels and airlines at lower prices.

3. Food Festivals

Even if you can't make it to a local sagra, the variety of fresh vegetables available at local markets, and the smell of chestnuts as sellers roast them on the streets, make Lugano autumn a foodie paradise. Many restaurants will serve seasonal specials, so make sure to ask your waiter what they recommend.

4. Wine Time

After all that food, you'll need something to wash it down - and luckily it's the wine season. If you can't make it out to the vineyards, you can visit any one of the many wine cellars, and taste world-class Merlot wines.

5. Autumn Weather

Speaking of which, autumn is altogether a much more pleasant season for those who find sweltering summers tough to bear. The cooler - but usually still sunny - autumn means you can finally go on long walks, sightseeing afternoons and explore all that Lugano Region has to offer without having to stop for a drink of water in a shaded area every few minutes.