Top events 2017

60th anniversary of Parco san Grato

06 May - 21 October 2017

The botanical park showcasing the region’s largest and most precious collection of azaleas, rhododendrons and conifers celebrates its 60th anniversary. The year 1957 and the industrialist Luigi Giussani, who founded this paradise, will be commemorated with many events.


Ceresio Estate

29 June - 22 September 2017

The many appointments of the Ceresio Summer Festival will be held in the churches, in the most suggestive halls and in the most magical places of the Lugano area. One can expect a season featuring performances of particular artistic intensity.


Fiera del fumetto

22 - 24 September 2017

Enjoy three days in the world of “talking balloons”. Imagination, fun and art are the focus of these encounters for collectors and for all those visitors wishing to get to know the fascinating universe of heroes and mythological characters.


Lugano Bike Emotions

22 - 24 September 2017

A Swiss event, which in its Luganese leg takes place between the city centre and the Arbòstora woods. It’s a challenge between the best bicycle, e-bike and Mountainbike athletes that’s bound to become a thrilling event to watch.


Pot-Pourri – Da Picasso a Valdés. La collezione Braglia

28 September - 16 December 2017

Italian and international art of the 20th Century will lead the new autumn exhibition.


FIT - Festival Internazionale del Teatro e della scena contemporanea

28 September - 08 October 2017

This event turns its attention to the contemporary scene and offers possibility of expression both to new creations and to young artists of the international scene. Numerous are the appointments, also including training and workshops.


Autumn Festival

29 September - 01 October 2017

A riot of tastes and colours, where the wish to celebrate the beginning of the autumn season in the company of friends in front of a good glass of wine and tasty local gastronomical products is always enticing.


Per te di Daniele Finzi Pasca

11 - 14 October 2017

Dedicated to you dear Julie.



15 October 2017

scritto e diretto da Daniele Finzi Pasca
musiche: Maria Bonzanigo
luci: Marco Finzi Pasca

produzione: Compagnia Finzi Pasca


i Viaggiatori

27 - 29 October 2017

This important event of the Travel Sector gives the great public of travellers the chance to become acquainted with the most magnificent
destinations and resorts on the five continents, international tour operators and different kinds of tourist services.


CHOC - Salone del cioccolato

04 - 06 November 2017

CHOC is the only Italian Swiss trade fair completely dedicated to chocolate and its history, production and processing.


Natale in Piazza

24 November 2017 - 07 January 2018

Christmas in Lugano starts with the lighting of the tree in Riforma Square. From that moment, the heart of the city becomes a bright village, bestowing opportunities for entertainment, musical performances, a market and surprises until the Epiphany.


Top events 2018

Bianco su Bianco

10 - 14 March 2018

Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca
With Helena Bittencourt and Goos Meeuwsen