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Guided Excursions - Lugano

Lugano through the eyes of an architect (Free Tour)

Discover the 20th and 21st century architecture, which characterizes Lugano, embarking on a fascinating trip between our recent past and a present projected into the future.

The Ticino architectural tradition has its roots before the year 1000: the “maestri comacini, intelvesi and campionesi” were born in this region. This tradition was renewed over the centuries. Our walk through Lugano gives you the opportunity to discover some of the most interesting buildings built on the shores of Lake Lugano in the 20th and 21st century. From Chiattone to Vacchini, from Tami to Botta, to the local university (USI) Campus, our tour will show you a new Lugano: you’ll be able to admire it from a different perspective.



  • Reservation required.

  • Groups over 8 pax not admitted. Max. 30 pax.

  • Tour organisation on request.

  • The guided tour will be held in the two prevalent languages.

  • The guide can decide to break off or cancel the excursion in case of bad weather.

  • Difficulty level / walking: easy.


Prices and times

Free Tour

Every Thursday from 10:00 to 12:00


The information on this site, concerning services or products is provided by external partners. This Information is liable to change frequently; for this reason Lugano Turismo cannot be held liable for any inaccuracies.

  1. Contact

    Info Point Ente Turistico Luganese
    Piazza Riforma
    6900 Lugano
    Tel +41 91 605 12 26

    This excursion is organised with i2a Istituto Internazionale di architettura.

  2. Notes

    Meeting point:
    Informations office, Ente Turistico del Luganese-Piazza Riforma.

    Info Points Ente Turistico del Luganese
    Piazza Riforma
    Stazione FFS
    Airport Lugano-Agno

    Reservation Center:
    Tel. +41 91 605 12 26

  3. Opening

    Opening season
    26.04 - 18.10.2018
    Open on
    10:00 - 12:00

  4. Prices

    Free Tour