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Winter Timetablefrom 01 November 2015 to 19 March 2016
Winter Timetable
From 01.11.2015 - 06.01.2016 and 06.02. - 11.03.2016 every day cruise from Tuesday to Sunday from Lugano at 11:40 and at 14:10 to Gandria. The cruise at 14:10 is every day but not at Monday. Detail

The Wonders of Ticinofrom 07 January 2016 to 25 February 2016
The Wonders of Ticino
Ospedale Civico
The exhibition "The Wonders of Ticino" features photographs of animals and landscapes of our beautiful territory. Detail

Markus Raetzfrom 30 January 2016 to 01 May 2016
Markus Raetz
MASI, LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura, Lugano
Exhibition dedicated to one of the most fascinating swiss artists in the contemporary art scene. Detail

Sagra di San Provinofrom Saturday, 12 March to 14 March 2016
Sagra di San Provino
Procession in the town’s streets, stalls, raffles, games. Gastronomic festival of Ravioli. Exhibit of vintage tractors, farming machinery and products. On Monday there will be a livestock and courtyard animal fair. Detail

Armand Schulthessfrom 19 March 2016 to 19 June 2016
Armand Schulthess
MASI Palazzo Reali, Via Canova 10, Lugano
The exhibition presents the artist’s creations, along with photographs that portray himself in his poetical labyrinth, destroyed, of which he was surrounded. Detail

Che c’è di nuovo?from 19 March 2016 to 19 June 2016
Che c’è di nuovo?
MASI Palazzo Reali, Via Canova 10, Lugano
A look at the emerging art scene in Ticino. Detail

Walking Lugano03 April 2016
Walking Lugano
Walking Lugano is one of the most important Swiss appointments for walking and Nordic walking fans. Six different itineraries (from 7.0 to 18.7 km), several secondary activities, a lot of sport and fun for everyone: here's a way to be healthy and have a different day, in movement! Detail

15th International Boogie Woogie Festival Switzerlandfrom Friday, 08 April to 10 April 2016
15th International Boogie Woogie Festival Switzerland
This piano and dance Festival is unique in his kind. Organizer, producer and promoter of the Festival is the swiss pianist Silvan Zingg, a well known performer at major international Festivals. Detail

Open wine cellars days 2016from Saturday, 28 May to 29 May 2016
Open wine cellars days 2016
"Cantine Aperte" (Open Wineries) is back again this year. Detail

Lugano & Capriasca Scenic Trailfrom Saturday, 11 June to 12 June 2016
Lugano & Capriasca Scenic Trail
A stunning, panoramic excursion (run) along ridges in the Lugano area through awe-inspiring landscapes offering unique vistas! Detail