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Ever since the times in which wayfarers travelled on foot, on horse or by carriage, Lugano and its districts have always boasted a long and consolidated hospitality tradition. In the 19th century, while the European revolutionary movements of the Risorgimento were obliging many to go into exile, in our Country, the tradition of hospitality became concrete in the zealous work of many local hotelkeepers such as Forni, Cerea, Brocca and Clericetti and of others coming from outside the region, like the Béha family who managed the Park Hotel (Palace) and the De la Paix. Favoured by the opening of the railroad in 1882, it was with great intelligence and farsightedness that they were able to seize the opportunities that were to favour the economy and Tourism in Lugano. The building of hotels started to become important in that period, giving employment to several skilled, local professionals, who at the turn of the century became famous thanks to their architectural works, constructing prestigious hotel buildings, some of which we can still admire today in their original guise.