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The lake

Sporting activities on the lake

The list of addresses where you can practice your favourite sport

Lidos and public baths

Visit the rich offer of lidos and public bathing establishments of the region.


Towns and villages at the lakeside

Restaurants, Hotels and Grottoes with mooring poss

The complete list of grottoes, restaurants and hotels with direct landing from the lake of Lugano.



The Lake Lugano offers you more than 30 excursions on boat.

Nautical Shipyards, Taxi, Boat Rental, Regulations

This is a practical guide telling you about all the different activities the lake has to offer to sports lovers, to those wanting to visit corners that are unreachable by land or simply who want to discover enchanting spots or get a taste of the excellent seafood that is served in the various restaurants and grottos situated along its shores.

Click here to read the rules for a safe bath in the lake